GTSMRO have been granted AEO status

GTSMRO have been granted AEO status


GTSMRO have been granted the prestigious AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status from HMRC. This status covers four main aspects fundamental to good business practice and having a secure end-to-end supply chain



This entails compliance measures that HMRC audit the company. This covers aspects such as customs and tax compliance, accurate import and export paperwork, monitoring and disclosing irregularities to customs and ensuring accurate procedures for monitoring controlled goods.


Record Keeping

The company must operate a good standard of record keeping, an appropriate logistical system, archived records, methods for HMRC to access customs records and a fully maintained accounting system with a full audit trail.



The company must prove it is financially solvent for the past three years and has the ability to meet any financial commitments to HMRC, Suppliers, Customers and any other creditors.



The company has to have strict security standards in order to comply with this aspect of compliance. We must have a security risk assessment, a secured perimeter around our place of business, CCTV, access control, procedures in protecting and handling goods, secured storage area, screen prospective employees and train staff in security and safety requirements.


In summary, any company, whether supplier, customer, government agency or service provider can be confident of doing business with GTSMRO as well as be certain that their goods are safe in GTSMRO's hands.


Furthermore, the company will benefit from reduced customs checks when importing and exporting as our AEO authorisation is treated favourably within the EU as well as countries that mutually recognise the AEO standard, including the USA, Japan, China and others.